Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 - 2013

The clock is ticking and in the next few minutes it is going to be 2013.

Time flies in 2012 and it is not an understatement.  Apart from the major increment in workload (but not salary, unfortunately), I have to deal with my son's O level*1 and my daughter's PSLE*2.  Maybe God think that I can be pushed further, my house was ready and I need to deal with renovation and house moving (honestly, I have moved for half a year and I did unpack all the stuff from the box but I did not pack them all properly, all hidden in some secret unknown closet).

I have much more house chores to do because of my new independent flat and since my prince and princess had major exams (which is also major milestone in their lives), they had immunity to house chores for a long long time.  I slogged day and night not knowing how did I manage but somehow I did.  Reported police five times about various issues in my neighbourhood (yes mister, it was me that called the police while you were beating up your wife), wrote to MP to complain countless times (yes, it's me again complaining about the family of 25 and yet they could still perform live jamming in the house preparing for the next Sngapore X factor) and I am sure I have my photo displayed in Town Council and HDB branch office*3.


It is time to give myself a pat on the shoulder and a cake to celebrate my good year.  Apart from all completing the "must do" list, I somehow have managed to get to the "nice to have" list.

I managed to watch quite a bit of Korean dramas (miraculously), found my new love; passed the fan test (seriously, there was one and I was surprised) and I entered the fan club successfully.  I have been swimming in the pond for the last two months!  Isn't it amazing?

In here, I have met with wonderful people that did things beyond my imgination.  What the heck?  I have slogged for the last ten years, I should enjoy and go wild with them.  No, no, dont get me wrong, it is not the wild that you are thinking of.  But I have joined their project in raising fund for the International Herald Tribune, did the video, chat a lot online and have some split personalities fun.

Having realised that I have missed out so much and fearful of not able to remember enough I decided to start this blog and trying to pick up all my old interest, not forgeting the new ones too.

Then there is Pinterest which I have just picked up these few days.  I am going crazy crazy crazy.  Life is beginning to look very interesting for me and I am looking forward to 2013.

My daughter's examination result is out and she has done me proud.  My son's result will be out in January and I am sure he is going to be ok.  I am proud of them cos they never had a proper place to study, not even a study table.  Don't get me wrong, I can afford a table but I couldn't get a house to house the table.  For the last few years, we lived like the Hong Kong Cage people, eat, read, write, work on our bed.  They did not have the basic study condition that most of the children had but they excel above avaerage.  What more could I ask from them?

Enough of bragging and it is time to count my blessings, I did have my three wishes fulfilled this year and this calls for celebration too.

Yesterday, I presented another three wishes in church for corporal anointing :) and I know that God will not fail me.  I am looking forward to more good things in life, happiness, love, peace and joy. 

Thank you for standing by me my friends when I am such a pain.  Thank you my boss (he won't read my blog :P cos he does not know it exist) for believing in me.  Thank you my children for being lovable and good.  Thank you eels for being eels and peels, loving me for who I am (you know who you are).  Thank you policemen and MPs (Ms. Grace Fu and Er. Dr. Lee Bee Wah) for taking time to listen to me.  Thank you mummy for loving me.  Thank you bro. for doting on me. Thank you God for embracing me.

I am looking forward to 2013! Jyo, zikzin!  Happy New Year!

 *1 - O Level examination by Cambridge University
*2 - Primary (Elelmentary) school leaving examination
*3 - Local area office operate by government to serve the community

Saturday, 29 December 2012

We can rock the world!

The same group of fans that had created the Ad in IHT had also launched a video in Youtube on 29th December, 10am (GMT+8).  In 24 hours, it has received nearly 7,000 hits.  This is a video jointly made by fans from all over the world to wish Jang Keun Suk Happy New Year and also a renewal of their vows to him.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

From World Star to Star of Universe!

It is an amazing news from Russians eels today!  A star is named after JKS!

Is 2012 very overwhelming for you my Prince.  Hold tight.  More to come!

A recap, a result, a stepping stone

Source: Kikimon Eels Production

They are talking about us, we are talking about ourselves too.  It is a memorable thing we have done and it is a milestone, but this is not the end.  We know.  With the power that we have, with all the hidden talents in store, who could stop us?

Look at the news!

and of course our own ECI site -

There will be more, it is brewing.  Surprise? Surprise!

All Things Blue

I am sure most of us, especially girls have lots of little items that we cannot bear to throw away.  Over the years, my school badges, name tags, collar pins, friendship bands etc are things that I kept in my secret box.  As days gone by, the secret treasure grows.  More boxes or bigger boxes are needed to store our little memories.  Today, I found some wonderful pictures of boxes I wouldn't mind having at all.  Perhaps you do too?

Saturday, 22 December 2012

A New Era for World Prince - Jang Keun Suk

Source: International Herald Tribune
Today, eels all over the world are excited.  This has been a hush hush project brewing for the last two months, I guess after the CRI in Shenzhen.  Initiated by an eel from ECI and widespread across the world.  This project united the eels like never before. We laughed, we cried, we strived and tried even till the very last minute where every last cent is required to get it done. 

Some eels had made remarkable contributions which earn our admiration.  But all eels bend together to make this works.  Can you see this Suk? We talked online everyday, never met each other before.  Trusted someone with huge amount of cash, never met before.  Sheer foolishness, some mocked at us.  I know.  Some may just go tsk tsk at us.  However, the friendship found here, the sisterhood bond is phenomenal.  It is not just this project, we took care of eels far and wide, beyond someone imagination.  I am a new convert, barely 3 months old.  I saw a Vietnamese sister losing her memory and everyone help to keep her together, online. Eels that come to Singapore just means an excuse for us to have a party and meet.  Little eels on school exchange program are taken care of by local eels.  Is this beyond your expectation, Sukkie?  I believe so.

Congratulations for your 20th anniversary.  It has been a long, hard, fulfilling journey.  We promise, the eels' promise, another 20 X 5 more to go.  Lookout for eels from ECI, we are small but we are strong.  A power that is growing that cannot be ignored.

Jyo, zikzin!

Friday, 21 December 2012

My Christmas Favorites

T'is the time of the year that I sart to prepare lots of gifts and presents for my family and friends.  I believe in giving people what they love and need, whichever order comes first, it does not matter.

But what do I like?  I just attended a Brand Plan Workshop earlier this month, the facilitator, Mr. Culley asked each and every one of us, what is our favourite brand?  As most of the participants in the workshop were men, the common answers are apple, porshe, coca cola.  As for me, apple is one of my favorite of course, but nothing beats my love for jewels. Without hesitation, Tiffany shot out from my mouth and no holding back yada yada about why I love Tiffany.  To spare you the pain, simply, I love walking in the snow in New York, looking through the window at the beautiful display.  Drool over whatever that is beyond my rich and childishly, secretly desire for one, some day.
Source: Tiffany & Co

Source: Tiffany & Co

Source: Tiffany & Co
Ohhhhhh, my favorite charm bracelet.  Is this too much to ask for as Christmas present? Hello?  Family? Friends?  Oh well, I will slog, some day, wait for me my dear bracelet.

In the mean time, if anyone is nice enough to get me this book.  I will be delighted too.  Afterall, I like Nigella.  I like her non-pretencious attitude in whatever she does.  I believe, this is much more achieveable.  If any one of you read this blog now, yes, this is what I want.  Thank you

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Pearls with Love

Source: Alicia Jade's Creation

With all my vanity, I would love to own pearls in different color, sizes and design. However, this is a expensive collection to me even if it is faux.

Costume jewellery that I find affordable usually did not meet my expectations be it quality or workmanship. What was the solution for me then? What then can a vain woman like me do to own a lifestyle  of having the freedom to decide which necklace would go well with my little black dress today? Was it pinky? Was it pearly? Was it champagne? No, maybe a light grey would go well with it.

To fulfill this dream, I have resorted to making my own necklace. I was not quite a craft woman to begin with even though my girlfriends would screamed 'talented' at me, but the truth is, in comparison to those couture creator, I am a far cry.

I tried relentlessly, perfecting every little knot in between the pearls; searching for the perfect pearls, looking for the right clasp (unfortunately, I am quite sensitive to most metals) and finally, the best Japanese silk thread to string them together.

Alas, lo and behold! The birth of my perfect pearl necklace - 45 beautiful 10mm Swarovski light grey pearls with stainless steel clasp. I chose to break away from the tradition by having a light grey thread instead of white.  To top it off, I have created a matching pair of earring - 10mm light grey Swarovski pearls with stainless steel hooks.

This is my creation, this is my love, I am proud to call it mine and I am satisfied.

A Letter to Jang Keun Suk

Dear Reader

I’ve came across this letter and it touches my heart so much and I literally cried in the train.  As a part of the eel family, we treat each other with love and her wellbeing, deepest desire became ours. Due to her sickness, Phuog Quyh is losing her memory day by day.  Each day, she reads her diary all over again to ensure that she will not forget.  She loves JKS and has written 100 letters to him which she has never sent out.  So I have gotten her permission to post the 100th letter here and hope Sukkie will read this someday.

Dear Prince,
Unexplainable - Isn't it the best word to describe love?

I was born when you had begun your career. Coincidentally, the age of mine is always the same with the number of years you working in your showbiz world. Since my mother left my father because of a blood disease, then my dad married a new wife, I don't believe in true love. But my heart knew you re the one it looks forwards from the first time. It's the rare happy time in my life; the smiles you give to the world became a whole world to me.

5 years is a long time enough for people to feel their love boring (I also used to think like that).But you're like a Pandora's box, the more I open, The more new things I discover. I wrote 99 letters for you which never be sent.

But I found my memory-losing disease became serious, if every night I don’t spend hours reading my old diary, I can't remember things about you. Perhaps I can’t forget you, but I fear that I will forget how I fell in love with you, why I love you. The memories about you are like the crystal broken in my heart day by day. I’m panicked, I want to protect it. I lost many friends because I didn’t tell them about my Amnesia but I don't want to forget you. Never I let it happen! When you love someone, you want to become like that person, so I started making videos for you. Now I'm using it to save all memories of you, I’m trying to finish 'Via lactea' movie real faster before my memories go away.

I just want to put you in my heart, store you in my mind and keep you in my eyes forever

One day if I forget you...
Please let me fall in love with you again

Today I am sending my 100th letter I wrote for you: 'Are you watching this now? You know what I want to say'
We all know that this is the Holiday season, where miracles happen, so we were hoping that you would make this Christmas a memorable and magical one for our little sister.

Thanks a lot prince


Monday, 3 December 2012

Passion For Pearls

I love pearls. If diamond is a girl's best friend, to me, pearls must be the fairy god mother. Wearing pearls change your outlook instantly. It makes me feel feminine and elegant even with just a simple pair of pearl earring.

My love affair with pearls begin with  the iconic picture of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany. As a child, I look at the picture with sheer admiration wondering how would I ever be like her. Now that I am a grown up, a single mum with two teenagers, I know that I won't be like her. I have my own style and preference. But one thing did not change, wearing pearls. Whether it is fresh water or fake pearls, I will wear it. I would like to own s set of Mikimoto pearl someday to make me happy. For now, I am happy to wear fake pearls and maybe buy a set of Akoya pearls soon. 

Source : Audrey Hepburn

Source : Microsoft
 Someone once asked me why do I wear pearls so much? I smiled. It makes me feel complete.